Mie Ohashi Gakuen celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016. Our school was founded in Showa 21 (1946) as a fashion institute with its founding motto “Send future generations who will support our community out into society”. While upholding the educational philosophy of “fostering a rich humanity and reliable technology”, we have been constantly improving along with an ever-changing society. Mie Ohashi Gakuen has four technical schools and a high school, while our sister institute, Ohashi Gakuen, enjoys a technical school and a junior college allowing both institutes to provide a comprehensive education.
We believe it is vital that we interact with people from other countries in order for Japan to advance as Japan is facing a declining birthrate and an aging population. As an institute with a rich 70-year history, we recognize that our primary task is to educate and cultivate young people from other countries so that they attain expertise and technical skills in Japan, and eventually make a significant contribution to the further development of Japan as their home countries.

About Humanitec

“Humanitec”is a combination of the words made by combining “ human” and “ technology”. After completion of the course, we will make every effort to support students as they pursue their dreams utilizing skills acquired in our institute.

Sister Schools

[Educational Corporation Mie Ohashi Gakuen]

Humanitec College of Nursing and Midwives

Humanitec College of Culinary and Confectionary

Humanitec College of Rehabilitation and Social Welfare

[Educational Corporation Ohashi Gakuen]

Humanitec Junior College

Nagoya Humanitec College of Dental Hygiene

Nagoya Humanitec College of Culinary and Confectionary